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Best of all, TYKMA Electrox offers a variety of support services to ensure that your laser marking systems are always working perfectly. Service and application technicians offer 24/7/365 support, which includes everything from machine set-up and training to troubleshooting and maintenance. Ideal for integration, Vereoâ„¢ Fiber Laser offers the latest, most advanced features in the industry. A MOPA based fiber engine design allows for high peak power, fast processing times and maximum application flexibility.

At the higher power CW mode of operation, it can be used very effectively for metal cutting and welding applications. The beam quality of the Fiber laser is generally much better than other 1,060 nm lasers so it will process parts faster for any given power level. One laser can also share its laser beam with several workstations by switching the beam from one fiber optic cable to another. Laser Marking Machines are now the preferred method for marking and coding products. As a cutting edge marking technology, laser marking takes the form of a labeling process applied to a wide range of materials.

The laser marking process offers greater processing speed than other marking and labeling methods, resulting in time and money savings during marking operations. After the laser passes through the laser, it will illuminate the focusing field mirror with a parallel beam. Most of the conventional laser marking equipment USES a convex lens. Complete part traceability is an essential component for compliance with ISO quality standards.

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Before every operation, we must check our machine is properly set up or not. Usually, we have to choose a clean and unique place in a room. Normally, A UV laser marking machine contains a control unit which contains the energy source and the laser medium and a laser gun with a stand. The fiber cable is the bridge between the control unit and the laser gun.

Therefore, safety precautions must be taken during use to avoid exposure to radiation from direct light scattered by the optical output mirror. In all aspects, the applicability of laser marking on wire coding is much higher than inkjet marking. This technology perfectly compensates for various process defects of traditional marking technology and has been favored by various light and heavy industrial enterprises in recent years.

The MRO 200 UV laser wire markers have numerous features available to fit the needs of every client. You can even upgrade your MRO 200 in the field to a higher model within the line. Add one or two oblique red light rays to the galvanometer or beside the galvanometer.

RMI Laser offers a wide variety of laser marking systems for Class IV and Class I environments including our XRF Fiber Laser, UF/EF Economy Lasers, Green Laser, and Micro Laser. All of our lasers are backed by our in-house support and a convenient laser system loaner program to make sure you remain productive if your system needs repair. You may also buy an enclosed laser marking machine to avoid any exposure. It is very important, when you invest in a laser marking machine, to wonder if the enquired supplier capable to provide you with reliable services after concluding the purchase.

Add the ability to engrave and/or cut acrylic, wood, stone, rubber and more to your fiber laser machine with our dual source option. We’ll add a CO2 laser for the highest laser versatility available. Laser engrave on cylindrical metal parts and tools with our two Rotary Attachment options.