Medium, high carbon steels (between zero.05% and zero.86%)

By the way, ferrite lowers strength and hence the ultimate product (steel wire) with ferrite is poor in power. Relying on its composition and characteristics, the wire rod is obtainable in low, medium and high carbon steels (between zero.05% and zero.86%) with different alloy grades (Al, B, Cr, Mn, Mo, P, Si, S, and many others.). In addition, wire rods will be supplied in round or hexagonal shapes, in different coil codecs and with all kinds of thermal and superficial treatments. In our broad array of merchandise, we provide a wide range of Wire Rods in commonplace as well as personalized type. Excessive-carbon metal wires used for bridge cables, tire reinforcement materials and reducing supplies of silicon ingot for photovoltaic trade require an extremely effective diameter and high strength. SW-C steel wire has superior tensile power and is usually used as spring material. In distinction, work hardening is suppressed within the wire rod or wire transformed in two steps based on this invention since it is in a state of coarse cementite dispersed in ferrite. The hot rolling start temperature, nonetheless, is effectively set to 850° C. or larger.

Diameter Tensile Strength Yield Strength Relaxation Properties Bending Radius
4.8 mm 1470 MPa 1290 MPa 2.0% 15 mm
4.8 mm 1570 MPa 1380 MPa 2.0% 15 mm
5.0 mm 1670 MPa 1470 MPa 2.0% 15 mm
5.0 mm 1770 MPa 1560 MPa 2.0% 15 mm
5.0 mm 1860 MPa 1640 MPa 2.0% 15 mm

The quality of the ultimate products largely will depend on the standard of wire rods

It is generally accepted that the quality of the ultimate products largely will depend on the standard of wire rods and steel billets, together with centerline segregation, cleanness, microstructure, and many others., due to the heredity of those quality defects. The properties of carbon steel are high hardness, energy, wear resistance and anti-corrosion. At a holding temperature exceeding 500° C., pearlite texture forming on the center portion of the wire rod or wire will increase tensile energy and degrades drawability. At a holding temperature under 350° C., granulation of cementite in the bainite construction begins, increasing tensile energy and degrading drawability. This high carbon steel wire rod has a ferrite crystal grain dimension of μm or much less and a Cr concentration within the carbides of by mass or extra. Products embrace bars, beams, billets, sheets, coils, plates, wire rods, slabs, tubing and pipes. Black iron wire is fabricated from carbon steel wire, used for weaving, baling typically. A preferable higher restrict of the content material of Pb and Bi is zero.2%, a more preferable higher restrict is zero.1%, and a further preferable higher limit is zero.05%. Attributable to its high energy and toughness, low relaxation, sturdy binding force with concrete, meanwhile, it is straightforward to be welded, upsetting and also it may well save materials (corresponding to φ11mm PC steel bar can replace the new rolled steel bar of φ20mm), etc. Fastener include carbon lower than zero.5%. Building business wire rods are manufactured from excessive carbon steels. All of our billet should go through the detecting and grinding process earlier than being rolled into the wire rods for assuring the floor quality. Independently, PTL 2 proposes a way of bettering drawability of a wire rod by specifying the world of intragranular transformed higher bainite present in a cross part of the wire rod and the growth measurement of such intragranular bainite. 7. The high-carbon steel wire rod as outlined in declare 1, whereby the pearlite has a mean lamella area (S nm) no smaller than a hundred and fifty nm. Used to supply onerous-drawn wire (for pre-burdened concrete), oil tempering wire, zinc-coated wire rope, steel wire rope and excessive-carbon metal wire rods. Tali kawat (wire rod) dari Baja karbon scorching rolled dikembangkan pada tahun 2015, setelah hampir tiga tahun dilakukan penelitian dan pengembangan yang inovatif, pada saat ini semua keunggulan seperti kualitas keras permukaan produk batang kawat, kualitas inner dan keseragaman konten, serta kinerja organisasi yang sesuai dengan gambaran yang telah disesuaikan dengan permintaan konsumen sebagai pengguna akhir, dan dapat menyesuaikan diri secara lebih baik dengan kebutuhan semua jenis tujuan dari cold processing, sehingga memenuhi semua persyaratan dari setiap intensitas penggunaan yang berbeda, dan dewasa ini secara luas digunakan dalam berbagai bidang produk nasional.

2300MPa degree pre-harassed metal strand

King Steel supplies steel wire rod in any carbon, alloy or stainless grade, and in numerous qualities. The upper restrict of its content is due to this fact set at zero.40%. Use of the excessive-carbon steel wire rod in accordance with any considered one of Claims 1-3 for producing 2300MPa degree pre-stressed metal wire, 2300MPa degree pre-harassed metal strand, or 1960MPa level bridge cable zinc-coated metal wire. And whether excessive carbon metal wire rod is non-alloy, or is alloy. With a content greater than zero.9%, manganese deteriorates drawability resulting from extreme solid-resolution strengthening of ferrite. Network cementite, martensite, pearlite, band construction, texture, etc., are important buildings of high-carbon metal wire rods 18 , 19 , 20 Generally, excessive-carbon steel for the manufacturing of metal wire strands, steel cords and saw wires is hypereutectoid steel with a carbon content of greater than zero.seventy eight wt.%; a hypereutectoid transformation will happen during cooling and secondary cementite will precipitate alongside the grain boundary to kind a continuous or discontinuous network. In response to the present invention, the construction of the wire rod is characterized by a large area ratio of pearlite (ideally larger than ninety five area %). The wire rod would be poor in drawability if other construction than pearlite (e.g., ferrite and bainite) accounts for greater than 5%.