Massage Gun For Shin Splints

It also has five different percussion settings, and up to 30 pounds of force. It comes with 4 attachments, and also has a 120-minute battery life. The Elite model is a slightly smaller option compared to the PRO. It also has five different percussion settings, and up to 40 pounds of force.

You can buy the Theragun Prime for $300, while the new Theragun Elite will set you back $400. The Theragun Pro costs $600 and comes with two rechargeable batteries and an adjustable massage arm, among other bells and whistles. Get specific details about this product from customers who own it. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out.

This KoolerThings massage gun is, in a sense, its exact opposite. High-performance athletes who’re looking for the ultimate muscle recovery aid. It’s not quite as powerful as the or , although most casual users won’t be disappointed. Looking like a hairdryer and available in either white or black, this massage gun is pretty stylish and won’t look out of place in most situations .

There are three power settings, but as we say, none of them get close to kind of impact a bigger model can make. Still, that won’t have too much impact on people who just want some quick and easy muscle relief, and feel no need to dig into in-depth work-out stats. “For warming up, the massage gun can be used to promote blood flow and circulation to warm up the tissue and to simulate the nervous system, prepping your body for activity,” says Giordano. “We recommend flushing the muscle area for seconds, back and forth.” I spent way too much time researching massage guns just to realize that Bob and Brad C2 is prob best.

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Depending on the intensity level, it can last up to 6 hours even if you operate on low speed. Seriously, this is the best handheld massager that we have ever came across. I ended up opting for the Theragun based mostly on positive reviews and the company’s overall good standing. I was also attracted to its unique triangular shape, which I assumed meant I could use it to reach less accessible parts of my body like my back.

This is meant to be used all over the body, especially on more tender or bony areas. The standard ball attachment, which, yes, just looks like a ball, is meant for overall use on both larger and smaller muscle groups. A cone attachment, which just looks like a tiny traffic cone to put on your massage gun, is for pinpointing specific trouble areas like knots in your back, as well as your hands and feet. A forked or pronged attachment is meant for massage along your spine. While these attachments do not come with every single massage gun, they were the four most popular we found in testing.

30 seconds of contact with each muscle group, we also found the runtime of up to 6 hours to be more than adequate. so there’s no need to wait until you get home to relieve the pain with a massage. ultra-portable on-the-go treatment, and after extensive use, we can only sing the praises of this remarkable compact massager gun.

All that is to say — if you’re looking to improve your recovery prospects, have a read to see what we’ve picked for the best massage guns. Proven to deliver everything from improved sports performance to powerful pain relief, they’re an essential piece of equipment for anyone who exercises with any regularity. So, while you can go it alone and play the odds when you’re sidelined from your workout sessions for months on end, you’ll be wishing that you got yourself a massage gun. And besides, their benefits aren’t limited to athletic applications.