AC servo numerical management electrical fly press

AC servo numerical management electrical fly press of the present invention will consume electric forging press entire power of flywheel in a forging process, that is to say, the every strike, and the entire vitality of flywheel all can be used for material deformation.

We’re here to deliver together China factories that provide manufacturing methods and machinery which can be used by processing industries including but not restricted to: dewatering machine, sludge dewatering, wastewater therapy.

AC servo numerical control electric fly press of the present invention, the power of flywheel cannot scatter and disappear in every forging process, earlier than forging, can guarantee the steady of required power and talent.Control flywheel energy is realized the excessive accuracy forging, and for each forging, the shaping vitality of flywheel all very precisely.

The time that the spinning disks remain in contact with the flywheel determines the vitality that might be delivered by the forging blow. A few special design giant capacity presses with scores up to sixteen,000 tons are in operation. The screw press may be easily integrated in fully automated forging programs.

The best recognized instance is a plastic injection molding machine: pellets of plastic are admitted at one finish; the barrel surrounding the screw is heated; and molted plastic discharges at the other end and is pushed into the injection molding die.

The alternating-present servo numerical-control electric screw press is compact in construction and high in fast response capability and overload capacity, has fewer components and a short transmission chain, realizes flexibility and intelligentization of forming gear, improves manufacturing effectivity, is excessive in quality of merchandise and mechanical energy, saves power, is great in load carrying capacity, simple in manufacture, convenient in repair, low in manufacturing value, easy in operation, low in lack of the elements, stable in working, excessive in unbalance loading resistance and forming precision, long in service life and vast in application range, is secure and reliable, realizes low pace and excessive torsion, does not influence an influence grid, and will be widely applied to forging and pressing forming industry.